1: Eat more, green Leafy             vegetables

Leafy greens are really great for the gut, they have a lot of antioxidants and are best way to pack nutrients into your system.

2: Try adding fruits to your                  Diet

Packed with vitamins and minerals. High fiber and water content. Contains lots of antioxidents.

3: Exercise regularly

Makes you happy, increases your energy levels, reduces the risk of chronic disease. Moreover promotes relaxation, and quality sleep.

4: Take proper sleep

Your body heals itself during sleep time so its very vital. Your sleep effects all from your immunity to your metabolism.

5: Adopt Good eating          habits

Use smaller plates: Don’t over-eat: Chew properly: Manage your food cravings: Eat Early and on time:

6: Take some sunlight:

Promotes sound sleep, cures skin diseases. Enhances brainly function,  Enhances immunity. Improves bone health, depression,

7: Stay hydrated

Helps just keep the body system functioning properly. Immune system to  metabolism, similar to sleep. Hydration is so important for the body.