Premature aging not only damages your skin, but it also affects your organs, making them unhealthy. These poses can slow down and even reverse the harmful effects of accelerated aging or stress at the physical and mental level.

Best Anti Aging Yoga Poses

Strengthens your glutes, feet, abs and also improves your balance.

1. Tree pose Vrikshasana

Strengthens and stretches your back and thighs

2. Warrior pose -  Virabhadrasana

Stretch your body and warm up your muscles, back and joints. Increases the blood flow.

3. Forward bend - Hastapadasana

Tone your abs, reduce double chin and improve flexibility.

4. Seated twist -    Bharadvajasana

5. Downward dog pose -   Adho Mukha Svanasana

Improves your blood circulation, flexibility and will help strengthen the spine.


6. Sirsasana - Headstand

Speed up blood circulation and ensure that the brain receives sufficient, well-oxygenated blood.


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