Utha bizarre monolith. What is this spotted by state helicopter crew?

The Utah Department of Public Safety helicopter was assisting the Utah Division of Wildlife Resource officers counting bighorn and at one point someone within the crew saw a mysterious object.

The helicopter crew and therefore the pilot were impressed by such a mysterious monolith.

He was like, Whoa, whoa, whoa, rotate , turns around! and that i was like, what.

And he like, There this thing back there we have got to travel check out it!

The helicopter landed immediately near this mysterious object for a more detailed inspection.

The thing is extremely strange, and therefore the incontrovertible fact that it had been discovered within the middle of the wilderness raises great questions. “We were, like, thinking this is often something NASA stuck up there or something.

Are they bouncing satellites off it or something? ” Hutchings questioned. That said, the crew decided it didn’t appear there was any scientific purpose thereto .

Hutchings said it looked as if it had been manmade perhaps more of an kind than any quite alien lifeform.

People found this strange object almost like a scene from

“The Simpsons” published in 2001 .