Yoga for Poor Posture: 12 Yoga Poses to Help Correct Posture

Yoga for Poor Posture is required as sitting at your desk or computer all day takes a toll on more than just your eyes. 

Interestingly, it also affects your posture, metabolism, risk of anxiety or depression and can lead to obesity.

Moreover, your bad posture can lead to serious issues like back pain, digestion issues, cardiovascular issues. And eventually changing the curve of the spine itself, which will create a whole new level of back pain.

Why is your posture important?

Good posture is more than looking good. This will help you develop strength, flexibility, and balance in your body. 

All of this can lead to less muscle pain and more energy during the day. Proper posture also reduces the strain and stress on muscles and ligaments, which can reduce the risk of injury.

Improving posture with Yoga for Poor Posture also helps you become more aware of your muscles, which facilitates posture correction. 

As you work on your posture and become more aware of your body, you may notice some imbalances or areas of tension that you were unaware of before.

Not only will it help in improving your posture, in fact, will also help lower levels of stress, anxiety, fatigue, and depression.[1]

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12 Best Yoga for Poor Posture

Here are the 12 best yoga poses for poor posture and …

1. Child’s pose or Balasana

This resting pose Yoga for Poor Posture stretches and lengthens your spine, glutes, and hamstrings. 

Additionally, it helps to release tension in your lower back and neck.

Yoga Instruction

  • Start by sitting on your shinbones with your knees together, and your big toes touching, and your heels splayed out to the side.
  • Now, fold forward at your hips and walk your hands out in front of you.
  • Sink back your hip down toward your feet. And if your thighs won’t go all the way down, place a pillow or folded blanket under them for support.
  • Now, gently place your forehead on the floor or turn your head to one side.
  • And get your arms extended or rest them along your body.
  • Breathe deeply and hold this pose for up to 5 minutes.

2. Standing Forward bend or Uttanasana

This yoga exercises for poor posture is a standing stretch that releases tension in your spine, hamstrings, and glutes. Moreover, it also stretches your hips and legs. 

Yoga Instruction

  • Start by standing with your big toes touching and your heels slightly apart.
  • And bring your hands to your hips and fold forward at your hips.
  • Now, release your hands toward the floor or place them on a block. 
  • And bend your knees slightly, soften your hips joints, and allow your spine to lengthen.
  • Tuck your chin in your chest and allow your head to fall heavily to the floor.
  • Remain in this pose for 45-90 sec.

3. Cat-cow or Chakravakasana

Practicing cat-cow stretches is the best advice on how to improve posture? Additionally, it massages your spine and helps to relieve tension in your torso, shoulders, and neck while promoting blood circulation.

Yoga Instruction

  • Start by all fours, your hands and knees with your weight balanced evenly between all four points.
  • Breath in to look up, dropping your abdomen down toward the ground as you extend your spine.
  • Now, breath out and arch your spine toward the ceiling and tuck your chin into your chest.
  • Continue this movement for 1-3 minutes.

4. Downward-facing dog or Adho mukha svanasana

This Yoga for Poor Posture is a forward bend that can be used as a resting pose to balance out your body. 

Moreover, it helps to relieve back pain, while also strengthening and aligning your back muscles. And practicing it regularly helps to improve posture.

Yoga Instruction

  • Start by lying with your stomach on the floor, press into your hands as you tuck your toes under your feet, and lift your heels.
  • Now, lift your knees and hips to bring your sitting bones up toward the ceiling.
  • Then bend your knees slightly and lengthen your spine.
  • Remember to keep your ears in line with your upper arms or tuck your chin all the way into your chest.
  • Now, press firmly into your hands and keep your heels slightly lifted.
  • Remain in this pose for 1-2 minutes.

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5. Pigeon Pose or Eka Pada Rajakapotasana

This Yoga for Poor Posture is a hip opener that also loosens up your spine, hamstrings, and glutes. 

Additionally, this pose can also help to stretch your sciatic nerve and quadriceps. 

Moreover, opening and stretching these places in your body makes it easier to correct imbalances in your posture.

Yoga Instruction

  • Start by all fours with your knees below your hips and your hands a little bit in front of your shoulders.
  • Now, bend your right knee and place it behind your right wrist with your right foot angled out to the left.
  • And rest the outside of your right shin on the floor.
  • Get your left leg back, straighten your knee, and rest your thigh on the floor.
  • And make sure your left leg extends straight back.
  • Gently lower your torso down to rest on your inner right thigh with your arms extended in front of you.
  • Hold this position for 1 minute then repeat on the left side.

6. Tiger Pose or Vyaghrasana

This yoga poses for poor posture is a great stretching workout of the spine which lets hips and thighs open at their maximum. 

Interestingly it’s most beneficial for you if you are in a desk job and have consistent lower back pain.

Yoga Instruction

  • Start by a Tabletop pose, inhale the right knee to the forehead, rounding the spine. 
  • breadth out and reach the right foot up towards the ceiling, arching the spine and looking up at the ceiling.
  • Now, inhale the forehead to knee and exhale the foot up 4-8 times.  
  • Hold the pose for 1-2 minutes.
  • Repeat on another side.

7. Cow Face or Gomukhasana

This Yoga for Poor Posture helps to strengthen the spine and improves your bad pasture.

Yoga Instruction

  • Start by sitting on the floor, find any comfortable seated position.
  • Now, lift the right arm skyward, then bend your elbow and reach your right fingers down your back.
  • Get wrap your left arm behind your back, left fingers reaching up towards the right fingers
  • And get the hands close to each other. 
  • Draw Your elbows back and lift the chest and breathe normally.
  • Hold for 30- 90 sec and switch sides.

8. Cobra pose or Bhujangasana

This yoga exercise for poor posture is easy to pose to open the spine, neck, and back.

Yoga Instruction

  • Start by laying on the belly, place your hands beneath the shoulders.
  • Get your fingers wide and press down evenly to lift the head, neck, and chest off the mat.
  • Now, squeeze the elbows in tight to the side body and slightly tuck the chin without putting any strain on the neck.
  • Hold for 30-90 sec then release.

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9. Bridge Pose, or Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

This Yoga for Poor Posture strengthens the lower body while it opens the spine and neck. 

Additionally, this is a great backbend for all levels because you can choose how deeply to go based on how you’re feeling that day.

Yoga Instruction

  • Start by Laying on your back, palms face down at your sides, bring the soles of your feet to the mat with your knees up.
  • Get your feet should be close to the fingers and hips-width distance apart.
  • Now, on an inhale, lift the hips to the sky while pressing down through the soles of the feet and the hands.
  • Stay here for three breaths then release on an exhale, lower down one vertebra at a time.
  • Now, the second round begins the same as the first and inhales the hips to the sky.
  • You can clasp the hands behind your back and roll the shoulders underneath to get into a deeper backbend.
  • Again, breathe here for another three breaths before releasing on the exhale, one vertebra at a time.
  • Now, for the third round, repeat either of the first two options.

10. Wide Legged Bend or Prasarita Padottanasana I

This yoga pose for poor posture is best for opening your back and thighs.

Yoga Instruction

  • Start by standing, heel-toe your feet wider than hips distance apart – typically about four feet apart, the distance is based on what feels good in your body.
  • Now, interlace your fingers behind your back.
  • And inhale to lift the gaze and open the chest towards the ceiling, drawing the palms closer together.
  • Then on the exhale, fold forward and allow your arms to grab the respective feet.
  • Hold here for 30 seconds and engage the core and inhale with a straight back to bring your body back to standing.

11. Wheel Pose or Chakrasana

This Yoga for Poor Posture stretches the shoulders, stretches the hip flexors and core, strengthens the glutes and thighs. 

Moreover, it also increases flexibility in the spine, strengthens the arms, legs, spine, and abdomen.

Yoga Instruction

  • Start by lying on your back.
  • And bend your knees so that your feet are flat on the floor in a parallel position in line with your sitting bones, about a foot’s distance away from your hips. 
  • Press your feet firmly into the floor and place your hands on the floor just above your shoulders with your fingers facing your shoulders.
  • Now, press into your hands and lift your upper body off the mat, resting the crown of your head lightly on your mat.
  • Simultaneously, press into your feet and lift your legs, pelvis, and abdomen off of the mat, activating your inner thighs.
  • Now, push more into your feet, bringing more of your weight into your palms. to protect your lower back.
  • And let your head hang in a neutral position, making sure not to strain your neck.

Hold the pose for 5-10 breaths.

12. Plank Pose or Phalakasana

This yoga poses for poor posture strengths your abdomen, shoulder, your thighs, and overall strength.

Yoga Instruction

  • Start by lying on your stomach then spread the fingers wide and bring your feet hip-width distance apart.
  • Now, press the floor away with the hands and keep all muscles of the legs active – thighs lifting the kneecaps and extending energy through the back heels.
  • Get your hips in line with shoulders – don’t allow them to sink or sag towards the mat.
  • Hold the pose for 30-90 seconds.


Yoga for Poor Posture is a Great Way to Help Reverse Bad Posture, you can practice these poses altogether. 

Or you can pick and choose what feels best for your body and what helps you most in correcting your posture. 

Practice these poses regularly, and always ask your doctor before starting any new yoga routine.

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