How To Get Happiness in your life: 11 best questions to ask yourself

Find Happiness. In this article, We will be sharing eleven questions that you can ask yourself today that will change your perspective and teach you how to bring joy to your life by focusing on the right things.

How to get happiness in your life:

11 Best Questions to Ask Yourself

Eleven simple questions you can ask yourself today that will inspire you to seek the good in life. The things that are already working in your life. And will make you appreciate and recognize them for their benefit and value. 

These questions will teach you how to bring happiness to your life by paying attention to the right things.

As life gets busy or sudden misfortune arises, these things are sometimes overlooked and go unnoticed amidst the chaos of everyday life. 

Take the time to answer these questions and realize how grateful you should be right now.

This will help you to change your viewpoint of what you are doing instead of what is missing, missing, or not working. let’s start!

Question 1: For getting Happiness.

Who are the people I feel blessed with in my life?

It can be a family member, a friend, a teacher, or a mentor, or even a new acquaintance who has helped you in one way or another. 

As you take the time to name them one by one, feel gratitude for bringing them into your life and appreciation for how important they are to you. 

It can be anyone you have met in person or online, who has given or taught you something of value and helped you become a better person.

Question 2: 

What things do I have now that make my life comfortable?

Look around you now and see that wherever you are, you bring comfort. These can be the simplest things, such as the bed you slept in the previous night, the roof over your head, a relaxing bath this morning, or food that satisfies you. 

Things you once wanted and now enjoy, such as a fast Internet connection, your access to a wide range of products and services around the world, regardless of distance, distance, and various routes to communicate with anyone at Ease, for happiness. And entertainment at your disposal.

Question 3: 

What qualities or abilities have I developed over time that I am now proud of?

It can be qualities like kindness or generosity that you have practiced and become traits that people like about you. 

Or it could be your hygiene or excellent organizational skills that you are proud to be good at. 

Or it could be that you’re a good listener and your friends are sharing stories with you effortlessly, that you’re funny. 

Funny because you’re so excited and don’t take things seriously, or you’re an enthusiastic learner are ones and simply enjoy the improvement in many areas Of life. 

These qualities are very valuable, but they are often not given enough credit for what they are worth.

Question 4: 

What experiences have I had in my life that made me better than before?

These are experiences you have had in the past that make you grateful for the valuable lessons and insights are given to you. 

Accepting them will allow you to see your experiences in a good light and the “blessings in indulgence” that exist in those apparent contradictions in life. 

These may be your past relationships that ended, but you loved yourself even more, or a missed job opportunity that eventually led you to figure out what you really want to do in life.

Question 5: 

What are the things that I like and which I can do and which I do on a regular or occasional basis?

What things make you happy and excited when doing them, and what are you capable and free to do from time to time? 

Maybe it is reading a book from your favorite author, watching movies you like, trying to get a new recipe from your favorite celebrity chef, buying a new wardrobe for yourself, or just Laughing loudly with your friends over a cup of coffee. 

These can be simple but meaningful things that you can do from the comfort of your home or from time to time with others.

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Question 6: 

What desires, big or small, do I have a past that I am already living?

These are desires that you want for a time in your life that have already appeared for you. This is the time to look back and remember the things you once wanted in the past and today you already own them. 

Perhaps the desire to take cooking or art classes, or to start your own blog, or improve your confidence and communication skills. 

You can also open your first savings account or start your diet program, Learning Yoga, taking Meditation (Happiness and meditation relation), or Exercising. It can be any small step that you have already completed or that you have marked.

Question 7: 

What unique things do I like about myself?

What personality or skill do you like about yourself? How does it matter to who you are? 

Perhaps having a unique laugh that sounds so funny and contagious, or having a great memory that makes it very easy for you to retain information, or even good at analyzing directions and navigating the road, especially in new places. 

See these characteristics in yourself and feel your own self-esteem and self-respect as you recognize your own hidden talent.

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Question 8: 

What made me laugh or smile today?

Think of three things that make you feel better today. This could be a Facebook post of a friend who made you laugh so hard, a very cute baby on your Instagram account, a surprise call, or a message from a distant relative that you haven’t spoken to in a while. 

Or just good and pleasant weather. Or resting at home. Pay attention to the subtle things around you that deserve to be thankful for today.

Question 9: 

What worked for me this week?

These are things at home or at work that went smoothly and successfully for you. Your clothes are finished on time, check. 

Your weekly house cleaning, checkup. Requirements for a certain project already submitted, check, Consult, ready, and complete for the week.

And as you notice that everything works, you will vibrate more and more towards success and appreciation. This will create more good things which will also bring huge success to you.

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Question 10: 

How have I helped someone tangible or intangible?

What good work have you done for someone else? Advising helping a friend in need, helping a coworker on a certain project you have some knowledge, instructing a stranger who is new to town, offering food to a homeless child. 

Donating clothes, Doing charity organization or even just helping your mother while doing housework. 

Note that by offering help and kindness to another, you are also giving yourself that positive energy.

Question 11: For getting Happiness.

What do I appreciate about life in general?

This last question will allow you to look at your life from a broader perspective and focus on the things that make you feel good to survive here and now. 

These can include the most common things such as sunrise this morning, your heart beating continuously, nature maintaining a consistent life, or your body moving smoothly and well without your supervision. 

See all this magic in life and realize how blessed and worthy it is to be alive right now.

The conclusion:

Big or small, your answers to these questions are counted, adding each to the blessings that continually accumulate for you. 

Over time, it will become easier for you to know how to gain Happiness every time in your life you return to the thought of something untoward.

What do you focus on So make it your daily habit to constantly focus on the good that is already in your life and watch it grow into bigger and bigger things. 

And over time, you will gradually move towards the search for the good in life and you will always see your world from a positive perspective, and eventually feel the Happiness within.

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