Physical health, secret for lifelong health

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Physical health, So what could be the secret for lifelong good health?

“Let your body take care of you”
                                       Deepak Chopra

Our body is meant to give us higher experiences of life, which is possible only if it gets so light that we don’t even feel its presence.

Prior of the onset medicine, someone was considered  healthy if he or she was not stricken with a serious illness but now in the mordern area –

Total health includes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. But we will understand the physical health here.

So, what does physical health consist of, and how can we be sure that our body is healthy?

The following are some considerations :

The exterior :

This includes good physique, glowing skin and shining hair.

The sense organs :

Physical health

Our eyes, nose, ears  and tongue and skin are agile and sensitive to their respective functions.

The internal organs :

Our vital internal organs such as lungs, heart, brain, kidneys, and others perform their functions consistently and in coordination.

Other symptoms :

When we feel full of energy, have good sleeping pattern, enjoy a good appetite and generally do not feel our body at all is when we say that our physical health is good.

Well, this does seem to make sense, but what should be done to achieve a healthy body being aware about certain aspects of daily life and  by following  some simple tips like-

Tips for achieving healthy body:

The intake :

The quality of foods, water and air intake are probably the biggest factors affecting our physical health because our body is made up of these ingredients.
it’s also important that we include the maximum of seasonal fruits, vegetables and nuts in our daily diet. As they provide essential nutrients to our body.

How we sleep and wake up :

Deep sleep, sound sleep,

The need for sleep may be different for different people. It is therefore necessary to ascertain the total number of hours needed for sleep and then follow the routine.

It’s equally important to leave the bed as soon as we wake up lazing in the bed builds up inertia that can destroy our energy levels for the whole day.

Healthy sex routine :

Here may not be a single recommendation for a healthy sex life. However, a regular and enjoyable sexual routine releases a number of beneficial hormones, which go a long way to achieve great physical health.

Physical exercise for health :

Exercising, workout, fittness

The choices of exercises are endless and depend upon our timings, interests and needs. Moreover in order to achieve an active lifestyle you can follow yoga, sports, gymnastics, stakes, swimming etc.

Watching posture :

Habits like standing on the same leg and crossing the same leg every time we sit, or even certain professional requirements like working long hours on a particular machine may result in causing damage to our bones, muscles and joints.

Posture, sitting posture

Therefore, we must make a thumb rule never to be in the same position for long durations. Keep moving and stretching our body and stay aware of our body postures.

Movement is also critical for maintaining bone density, flexibility and muscles. But let’s not forget that it also helps to boost our immune system and reduce stress hormones.

BMI watching for good health :

BMI or body mass index is a chart that tells us what our body weight should be according to our height. Needless to say, keeping a watch on the weight is critical, and we must ensure that our body is neither underweight nor overweight.

Personal hygiene for health :

Hand wash, personal hygiene

An important aspect of physical health is prevention of disease. Naturally, therefore Good personal hygiene helps in making the body disease free and keeps away harmful germs like bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Regular routine :

The secret of our future is hidden in our daily routine. A routine is sacred. Unless these learnings become a part of our routine, things just wouldn’t work. Imagine if the earth misses one rotation, we will all be dead. So what is the final take on physical health? Let’s not forget that health and happiness go hand in hand and the physical health is good, then age is just a number.

Conclusion :

Physical Health is when your body functions at it’s peak. Body needs nutrition and regular exercise to maintain proper health. Our body fights against illness and disease, but we must be cautious to avoid injury and bad habbits. If we are healthy, our body will heal quicker. So be healthy and encourage others to be so.